Risks to Having a Partner
One of the biggest partnership disaster was the building of the Boeing 787. They decided to have different parts made in countries all around the world. They ignored the engineers when they said that the parts need years of experienced people to make. In turn, many difficulties came up and it slowed the building process by a couple of years. Not all partnerships are prosperous. This partnership made by Boeing was made by accountants and not by technical staff.

Managing partners are very important because there are some partnerships that just don't work out. When you look for a partner you need to find someone that will bring something to the table. You need to ask yourself how they can help you and how you can help them.

The problem with some partners is an argument between decisions. You need to know who is in ownership of the customer. It is hard to keep the power in balance. Another issue is having a committee or multiple people running the business. This makes it even more difficult to decide on a certain matter since not everyone will have the same objectives, and when heads butt, that is when a business crumbles.

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