Key Suppliers
Its is very important to have key partners that with supply you with the goofs you need. There a two types of suppliers:

Outsource Suppliers
- These are suppliers that supply manufactured goods such as supply chairs, and back office supplies.

Direct Suppliers
-These are suppliers that will ship you raw materials and components for the manufactured goods.

 Key Partners and Suppliers
When it comes to a business partners and suppliers are the key to thriving. As a start-up, you might not be recognized at first by other companies because in their eyes, you are nothing but a spec.

Why Have Partners?
Faster time to market and New marketWhen you partner with a company you have access to there whole market and their customers. In turn you have a faster distribution.
Broader product offering The company you partner with also have products and while they are experts with that product you can incorporate it with your product to make a more broader product.
More efficient use of capital Why spend your own money doing something that another company is good at? When you partner with them they can more efficiently use their own money to give you the best service. 
Unqiue customer knowledge or expertise With partners comes a new customer. These companies know there customers well and with this you learn more about a borader spectrum of customers.

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