uesday, 20 November 2012Start-up Partner Strategies

When it comes to start-up partnership, here are a few key strategies that will get you off on the right foot.
  • Recognize you are not a peer to a large partner
--To a large partner you cannot expect to be seen as an equal or on equal footing so get used to that.
  • Don't confuse partners for early extremist buyer VS. mainstream buyers
--Do not confuse you your partners as a representation that the mainstream customer is starting to catch on to you business value proposition.
  • Don't confuse big company partnering with start-up strategy
--You do not always need a large business partner when you are just starting up. Sometimes you just need a small business perspective to get your business off on a running start.
  • Find partners that give YOU a competitive edge
--Find partners that are willing to give your the advantage. These people are the people that actually have an interest in your business and want you to succeed.
  • When finding partners, treat it as dating, and see what is right for you
-- Be picky when you find partners. Also, you need to find someone who has a personality and a set of skills that you do not have and can fill you hole. 

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