How do you get your product to your customer?
There are two different things your product can be. It can be either a virtual product on the web or a physical product. Then there is the direct and indirect channel. The direct channel means you go face-to-face with your customer and indirect means that you will go sell your product to customers without ever meeting them. 

Web Distribution Channels

There are several channels that you can bring your product to your customer via the web. You can have a website or make an app. You could sell your product on Amazon or eBay. Another tool you can use is facebook and twitter. 

Physical Distribution Channel

Another form of distribution is physical. You could sell your computer chips to companies such as Apple and utilize their marketing to sell you product. You can also resell products at a higher value. Another way is with a direct sales force. This way you can have sales representative sell your product for you. You can also use the web to get to your custoemrs as well. Finally you can sell your product to retailers and have them sell it for you. 

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