Customer Segments
The customer is who you are biulding your business for. You need to see what you are solving and who you are solving it for. By the end of this, you need to have a personna of who your customer is, who they are, and what they do. 

First of all, you guess who your customer is and then go outside of the building to see if they are who you thought they were. You may realize that your customers are actually someone else, or that your customers were who you thought they were, but your product features do not match up. 

Customer Gains

You need to make a list of what the customer gains from your product such as: savings, feature, happiness etc.

Customer Pains

You also need to figure out your customer problems and pains are. You also need to know there ranking of pains. You need to get to know your customer's top 10 pains and try to solve them.


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